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DSA 1u (9 caps)

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Profile: DSA

Size: 1 unit (1u/1u)

Amount: 9 keycaps


Not sure if these will fit your keyboard? Please check out our Profile Picker.



Our keycaps are handmade so small impurities like enclosed specks of dust or pigment that hasn’t fully dissolved are possible. We visually inspect every keycap to sort out defective or inadequate caps. We do our best to take photos that accurately show what the keycaps look like, possible impurities included. All pictures shown are of the actual product that’s for sale.

Please be aware that there are tolerances in both, the stem sizes of the various different key-switch brands, and our keycaps. We have tested our keycaps on a variety of switches. The keycaps should sit snugly enough for normal typing and gaming on the majority of switches. A loose fit can easily be fixed by applying some thin paper or tape between keycap and switch. more…

Not all profiles are exactly the same even if they come from the same profile-family (DSA, cherry…), so there might be tiny variations in height/position with our keycaps. We test-fitted our keycaps with a variety of different keycap sets from different manufacturers. So far we have found these variations to be very small, only visible if inspected from up very close.

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