Sticking those keycaps where they belong...

Finding the right positions for keycaps without legends can be a laborious task especially for keycap sets that have a sculpted profile (like OEM or Cherry). Some of the row-specific profiles look almost identical even when held up to the eye. At the moment our sets don’t have any markings on them whatsoever. No row numbers, no makers mark… we’re working on something. 

Here are some things you can do to find the right spot for sculpted caps:

Compare the keycaps to each other and group caps with the same dimensions (put caps together at the front and back and tip them towards each other and see if the top edges line up).

Flipping the caps over and comparing the bottom edges works well, too.

You should end up with 4 different “piles” of keycaps:
ESC: 1     W: 1     A,S,D: 3     arrows: 4

You can also put the keycaps where you think the belong on your keyboard and then inspect from close-up if you guessed right. A keycap in the wrong row should be a very obvious mismatch.

DSA keycaps do not need to be fitted to specific rows but you might notice that they fit tighter or looser depending on orientation (rotate 90 degrees to try). The looser fit would be the “correct” one but that doesn’t really matter. Just put them on whichever way you prefer.

Looking down the keyboard rows at a flat angle helps when trying to see if all the caps line up as flush as possible. There might still be some minor variance even if every cap is in the right place due to the fact that the different OEM / Cherry / DSA … -profiles made by different companies all differ slightly from each other. These variations however should be tiny and only be noticeable if inspected from up very close.